Not just classics. for knitwear MLK offers a wide range of solutions: combed yarns of various types, brushed, cut or caged effects, direct prints in yarn. We can study yarns specifically for customers.

CASCO85% cotton - 15% cachemire20/2 Ne
CASCO85% cotton - 15% cachemire30/2 Ne
PRINCIPE85% cotton - 15% silk20/2 Ne
PRINCIPE85% cotton - 15% silk30/2 Ne
COLA85% cotton - 15% wool20/2 Ne
COLA85% cotton - 15% wool30/2 Ne
WINNER100% wool merinos basolan2/28 Nm
MASTER100% wool merinos basolan2/30 Nm
MASTER100% wool merinos basolan2/48 Nm
RASO85% wool - 15% silk2/56 Nm
DALIA50% acrylic - 50% merino2/28 Nm
DUBLINO70% acrylic - 30% wool2/28 Nm
LARIO100% acrylic1/18x15 Nm
SCOPA50% acrylic - 50% wool1/18x15 Nm
PIAVE100% cotton2/27 Nm
TICINO100% cotton2/34 Nm
TICINO100% cotton2/50 Nm
TICINO100% cotton3/50 Nm
FETTUCCIA100% acrylic3000 Nm
* Yarn can be required on different counts and compositions.